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Well construction in Ethiopia

With the donation from Timeless Beauty Secrets, the organization “Menschen für Menschen/MfM” was able to construct a hand-pump well in Ethiopia this year, 2020. Our colleagues on the ground have provided us with the location and some pictures. The well now allows approximately 180 people to have sustainable access to clean drinking water. From the satellite images, one can clearly identify the small huts of the families and estimate the distances that women and children must travel daily just to fetch clean water.

It fills us with immense joy to know that with our help, we could assist those who truly needed it the most.

The well is located in the Ginde Beret project region. The exact location can be seen below.

Since Google updates satellite images for these remote areas only at long intervals, the well cannot yet be seen in the photos. However, one can see the region in which it is located.

You are currently viewing a placeholder content from Google Maps. To access the actual content, click the button below. Please note that doing so will share data with third-party providers.

More Information

The construction of the well took place in the spring of 2020. Well digging always needs to be carried out before the onset of the seasonal rains, which begin in this region in June. This is crucial to determine the level of the groundwater during the dry season to ensure the necessary depth of the well, allowing for year-round availability of drinking water.

The well is situated in the Harbu Guba district in our Ginde Beret project area, at an elevation of about 2,480 meters above sea level. The well itself has a depth of approximately 15 meters and was dug by hand under the guidance of “Menschen für Menschen“, along with the surrounding community. The community was also involved in setting the well rings, which were cast on-site, as well as other subsequent steps, contributing with active labor.

This active involvement of the community is always demanded by us and is crucial for the sustainable impact of all our development measures. The well was eventually completed before the rainy season in June 2020 and is now already in operation.

Roland Markus

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