• No silicones!
  • No animal experiments!
  • Vegan!
  • No sulfates!
  • o parabens!

Kuhghee for Wrinkles

The facial cream is specifically designed for mature skin and rejuvenates dull skin, making it radiant. It helps reduce age spots and provides hydration! It is a non-greasy cream. The Facial Cream-Industal Kuhghee by Timeless Beauty Secrets is one of the non-vegan products in our product range. It’s important to us that the animals are not harmed and are kept in good conditions. We strictly oppose any animal testing!

The ghee used in the Facial Cream – Industal Kuhghee by Timeless Beauty Secrets is sourced from the milk of Halikar cows. These cows are from the Kushal Nagar region in Karnataka, India. Halikar cows are a native breed (Bos Indicus). The milk from Halikar cows is known for its A2 protein!

Happy Cows and Calves

The cows graze freely in the forests during the day and are brought back to their stables in the evening. Calves are not separated from their mothers. In fact, the calves stay with their mothers all day, drinking their fill of milk. Only the surplus milk is used for processing into Kuhghee. The cows are not injected with any chemicals/hormones, etc., and are not artificially fattened. They eat only their natural diet.

What’s the Difference Between A1 and A2 Milk?

To grasp this distinction more precisely, we need to delve into milk’s composition. The variance stems solely from the structure of the amino acid chain.

During digestion, A1 milk, when its amino acids are split, produces the opiate BCM7 (Beta-Casomorphin). This opiate BCM7 poses several adverse effects on the human body. Primarily, it potentially influences the opioid receptors in the digestive, neurological, and immune systems.

It can slow down digestion and lead to constipation. Furthermore, detrimental impacts on the development of infants and toddlers have been documented, and BCM7 has emerged as a risk factor for apneas (breathing stops) in certain children. Moreover, there’s compelling epidemiological evidence linking BCM7 to the onset of coronary heart disease and Type 1 diabetes.


Cleanse the skin thoroughly before application. Dispense a small amount evenly on the face and gently massage into the skin. Allow the facial cream to penetrate, ensuring profound hydration and nourishment. Subsequently, you can apply your usual makeup for the day.

Little things make a big difference!

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