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Hair mask: Valuable tips for healthy and well-groomed hair

For your hair to look wonderfully cared for, healthy and shiny, washing with shampoo alone is often not enough. A hair mask or conditioner can help. Especially for hair that is already stressed, unruly or brittle, conditioners and hair masks are the basis for a beautiful head of hair. They make the hair supple and smooth the hair structure, the hair is strengthened from the crown to the tips, cared for and protected from external influences.

What is the difference between hair masks and conditioners?

Hair masks are even more effective than conditioners because they are basically a more concentrated, usually thicker version of conditioner. They remain in the hair for a longer period of time. The more powerful ingredients need more time to penetrate the hair and supply it with nutrients. The hair structure is thus repaired and strengthened from the inside out.

Correct use

A conditioner should be applied after every hair wash. A mask, on the other hand, should be applied once or twice a week, depending on the hair type. Extremely dry or coarse hair needs a mask twice a week, whereas fine hair can manage with a mask once a week.

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Hair mask: step-by-step instructions

Rich care thanks to the hair mask Maya Avocado Oil

The Maya Avocado Oil hair mask offers rich care for damaged and normal hair. High-quality ingredients strengthen the hair from the inside and provide moisture – for radiant shine and strong hair right down to the tips.

This hair mask harnesses the power of avocado oil. It is rich in nutrients and has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It provides the hair with plenty of moisture, makes it supple and gives a natural shine finish.

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