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Wild Honey

Over 700 years ago, in the heart of New Zealand, arrived a gentle Polynesian tribe who called themselves the Maoris. As they weaved through the virgin forests the tribe discovered treetops filed with viscous golden honey and established a ritual rooted in the use of this godsend diving gift. The honey worked as a natural antibacterial agent, offered anti-aging miracles and gave their complexion a glorious, golden glow. The Wild Honey Body Butter by Timeless Beauty Secrets is inspired by the Maoris’ gift.

Products with Wild Honey as main ingredient

    Beauty Package Sensitive 
    1 X 74,90  = 74,90 
    Beauty Package Dry Skin 
    1 X 69,90  = 69,90 
    Timeless Beauty Secrets Körpercreme Wilder Honig
    Wild Honey Body Cream 
    1 X 38,90  = 38,90