• No silicones!
  • No animal experiments!
  • Vegan!
  • No sulfates!
  • o parabens!

Savannah Baobab Tree

Millennia ago, in the fiery wilds of Madagascar, a mystical tree grew tall. The glorious Baobab tree flowered once a year but showered miracles on its people. The tree’s honey-hued seeds glowed with oils that kindled youth, lent deep moisturisation and regenerated damaged cells. Before long, these oils were drawn into anointing rituals that steeped women in spiritual harmony and emollient moisturisation, forming daily retreats of exfoliation and rejuvenation, glimmers of which live on today in the Savannah Baobab Face Polish by Timeless Beauty Secrets.

Products with Savannah Baobab Tree as main ingredient

    Beauty Package Aging Glow 
    1 X 89,90  = 89,90 
    Beauty Package Aging Care 
    1 X 79,90  = 79,90