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Moroccan Argan Drops

Over 3,000 years ago, in the small village of Argana, lived a clutch of rare and precious trees the locals called the Argan. The tree dazzled with sweet fruit that the villagers cherished as delicacies. In its heart, however, was its true gem. A nut that held an invaluable golden oil. The Berber women of Morocco christened the oil ‘liquid gold’ and indulged in exotic anointing rituals that served to heal wounds, moisturize the skin and slow ageing. Now, finally, hear their whispers on your skin with the Moroccan Argan Drops Face Cream by Timeless Beauty Secrets.

Products with Moroccan Argan Drops as main ingredient

    Beauty Package Dry Skin 
    1 X 69,90  = 69,90 
    Timeless Beauty Secrets Haarmaske Maya Avocadoöl
    Hairmask Maya Avocadooil 
    1 X 39,90  = 39,90 
    Beauty Package Aging Care 
    1 X 79,90  = 79,90