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Mediterranean Olive oil

The ancient Minoan civilization in Crete revered a tree believed to be gifted by the goddess Athena, and drew its oil for religious rituals. Olive oil, a priceless medicine with mystical prowess cured different conditions and worked as a skin cleanser and lightening agent. The Minoans developed rituals of crushing the olive’s leaves into a paste and applied it to their face and skin as a potent mask. Indulge in the Minoans’ olive-inspired beauty traditions with the Mediterranean Olive Oil Face Wash by Timeless Beauty Secrets.

Products with Mediterranean Olive oil as main ingredient

    Beauty Package Dry Skin 
    2 X 69,90  = 139,80 
    Beauty Package Sensitive 
    1 X 74,90  = 74,90 
    Beauty Package Aging Care 
    1 X 79,90  = 79,90