• No silicones!
  • No animal experiments!
  • Vegan!
  • No sulfates!
  • o parabens!

Himalayan Kusuma Oil

Many moons ago in the Himalayan mountain ranges, bloomed the kusuma flower, whose yellow petals formed thousands of dazzling suns on the valley floor. Ancient Indians embraced the kusuma for its many virtues but it was centuries later that its oil was discovered to be a sublime cure for dryness and roughness. The kusuma granted a wealth of antioxidants to the skin it touched, firming, smoothing, repairing and nourishing, while casting a heavenly glow. The kusuma’s undying legacy sparkles even centuries later, in the Himalayan Kusuma Oil Serum by Timeless Beauty Secrets.

Products with Himalayan Kusuma Oil as main ingredient

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