• No silicones!
  • No animal experiments!
  • Vegan!
  • No sulfates!
  • o parabens!

African Shea Tree Butter

Cleopatra’s Egypt was an Eden of otherworldly elixirs from faraway lands, with beauty rituals and ceremonies steeped in heavenly ingredients.Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of feminine love and beauty pleased, granted her a crown jewel: a portion of decadent shea butter. A celestial antidote to the Egyptian desert’s harsh sun and dry winds, it softened her skin and conditioned her hair and remained her constant companion day and night. Today, her remarkable bequest of beauty lives on in skin and body rituals rooted in African shea tree butter, like the African Shea Tree Butter Body Essence by Timeless Beauty Secrets.

    Beauty Package Sensitive 
    1 X 74,90  = 74,90 
    Beauty Package Dry Skin 
    1 X 69,90  = 69,90