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Facial Cleanser for Dry and Sensitive Skin

The “Sensitive Skin” facial cleanser from Timeless Beauty Secrets is free from chemical surfactants (substances). It is produced by saponifying gentle and nourishing oils such as olive oil, sesame oil, fat, coconut oil, and castor oil. The cleanser retains the natural oils on the skin, which is crucial for maintaining the natural lipid barrier.

Timeless Beauty Secrets Gesichtsreiniger Mittelmeer Olivenöl für trockene Haut

Dry Skin

The facial cleanser contains natural sugar derivatives that adhere to the cells, continuously keeping the skin moist. Washing your face with the facial cleanser for “dry skin” restores the skin’s natural microbiome. The results are noticeable even after the first wash.

Sensitive Skin

The cleanser contains natural betaine, which soothes inflamed, irritated skin. Washing your face with the “sensitive skin” facial cleanser from Timeless Beauty Secrets restores the skin’s natural microbiome. Regular use reduces skin sensitivity! Please note that results become noticeable only after regular application.


We recommend using it in the morning and evening. Massage one to two pumps onto the damp face, then rinse with clear water and dry.

Afterward, we recommend our facial toners and our facial serums to make your face shine. Finish your care with our facial creams and then apply your usual makeup for the day as desired.

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